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Excavate culture connotations and gain insight into culture markets

The company is determined to promote the development of the culture investment industry, boost the culture investment exchange, disseminate the cultural investment concept, and combine business values with life to provide more development opportunities for excellent programs. Actively excavate the culture connotations and achieve the branded operation of the culture terminal market.

Film and television investment- Introduction to《The Crazy Academic Man》

The drama is a situation comedy based on a group of academic genius of top technology colleges. It tells their academic talents and efforts, and funny and unruly life. The whole drama warmly conveys the science theory that is profound and difficult to reach in our daily life to the audience with humorous language and expression.

The Wizard's Trace ll

One of the most advanced works in the domestic 3D realistic animated film industry

Development of Traditional Culture

The company creates derivatives based on Chinese traditional culture, combines spiritual treasures with modern aesthetics to develop cultural and creative items that meet the needs of the new era, and break through the limitations of time, present the inheritance in a warmer way.

Contracted Director - Yao Bowen

National first-grade director, director of the China Television Artists Association, member of the China Film Association, visiting professor of the College of Humanities of Tongji University, visiting professor of Communication University of China. Founder of the Wen film production studio. He has worked for Shanghai Film Studio, Shanghai Television Station and China Central Television, and served as the vice chairman of the Shanghai Youth Federation. He was once praised as the "Golden Banner of Chinese Media" by the New York Times of the United States. In China, he was known as "innovative gold medal producer", " The father of newcomers"! With making conscience dramas and quality dramas as the purpose, his representative works include "Ambition of Ying Huan", "Blood is thicker in water", "remember he Xiangu", "Lonely battle", "Ten Years of Sunshine", "The Legend of ErMaoLv", "MaGu", "Think it over before falling in love" and so on. He planned and created the CCTV famous columns such as "The Same Song", "East, West, South, North and Centre", "Chinese Music TV" and so on.

High standard production process, phenomenal effect presentation

The company allies with China Television Star Entertainment and Yinhe Film and Television Production Base, relying on high-quality film and television IP, excellent film and television production team, stable shooting team and professional post production team, building projects based on ingenuity, so as to endeavor to make every film and television work deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

《The Legend of ErMaoLv》

The drama tells the story of the legendary life of a boy who was born in the small village of northern Shaanxi during the turmoil of the Republic of China and forced to be involved in the war-torn history like the raging Yellow River.

《Lonely battle》

The drama tells the story that a female spy of the Communist Party of China who was entrusted with a mission at a critical moment, sneaked into the No. 76 as a spy of Bureau of Investigation and Statistics, and obtained the list of the CCP underground organization, which made the underground organization avoid the crisis.


During the Republic of China, Xiang family ushered in the second son who had been lost touch for many years, and found out the true identity of the second son under the help of the police chief Ma, but Xiang family suffered a large disaster, at this time, the second son who returned soon swears to save the Xiang family.

《Ten Years of Sunshine》

At the end of the twentieth century, on the Shanghai where wars and songs and dances were crisscrossed, a tabloid reporter and ten beautiful famous theater actresses staged a story of love and hate.

《Lords II》

《Legend of the Clever Wolf》

《Down Periscope VI》

《Legend of The Gun God》

《outh Security》

《Zhu Zhu Xia Zhi Wu Ling Shou Wei Zhe》

High standard production process, phenomenon-level effect show.

The company lays out two major post production bases, owns a highquality professional excellent production team, which has provided animation and post production services for many outstanding animtions at home and abroad, providing accurate, efficient and highquality formal process services for the partners.

Break through the back end of the IP industry and preserve the essence of the culture industry

The company fully opens the port of culture and entertainment derivative development, respects the original and dares to innovate, finds more possibilities and more space for creativity on the basis of focusing on quality. Since 2013, we have deeply operated the industries related to derivatives, participated in the design and production of derivatives for many TV dramas, enhanced the added value of film and television dramas, and brought interesting and effective dissemination to film and television dramas.

"Lonely battle"

TV series "Lonely battle" Cultural Derivatives Development

"The Legend of ErMaoLv"

The development of cultural derivatives in the TV series "The Legend of ErMaoLv"

"Ten Years of Sunshine"

TV series "Ten Years of Sunshine" Cultural Derivatives Development

"remember he Xiangu"

The development of cultural derivatives in the TV series "remember he Xiangu"

Directionally train performing fresh entertainers, comprehensive development achieves their future

The company has worked together with many partners to provide a professional management platform for training these entertainers. We also integrate high-quality resources in the industry in order to provide more channels for the promotion and output of entertainers.

Artiste training

The company cooperates with horse-catching entertainment to jointly create the project "Baicheng Star Creation". It constantly excavates new stars with talent in performing arts and carries out on-site assessment. The outstanding members will have the opportunity to sign directly with the theatre crew and brokerage companies.

Artist Management

Establish tied-up cooperation with artists brokerage companies such as Xiaotu Ying Painting and Ying Shangjia to train new artists, improve artists'professional quality and provide comprehensive artists management plan.

Artist New Force (Literary Producers, Films and Television)

The company jointly develops the channel of talent transportation with the production of film and television, and the high-quality performing arts will have the opportunity to participate in the super-strong film and television IP. Performing with many mature performers to increase exposure and enhance performance experience.

Perceive the brand market and explore development prospects

UTREE provides complete and high-quality full case marketing plan for clients in a variety of industries, as well as the complete organization and implementation of exhibitions and various culture events. Up to now, Utree has provided annual brand full case marketing services for many internationally renowned brands such as Daoxiang Village, Starbucks and Haagen-Dazs. In the future, we will serve more enterprises with more diversified resource and professional marketing plans.

Brand Planning And Execution

china.com promotion activities plan and Implementation

"CONVERSE star" on the market

fa planning and implementation of new product launch activities throughout the year

hugo-deep red listing, promotion and Implementation

Coca-Cola brand China regional advertising planning / delivery PR promotion

Brand Planning And Execution

Hangzhou / tourist city overall packaging / promotion

Xi'an / tourist city overall packaging / promotion

Construction Bank (private banking / wealth centre)2009-2016 customer relations /

integration / implementation in part of the year

Mengniu music unlimited national selection, overall packaging / implementation

Brand Planning And Execution

Starbucks coffee enters China market survey and HSBC stores opens

Starbucks coffee 2009 integration / training / PR plan

Germany Henkel marketing and PR plan

Nokie several new product launches, promotion, creative plan and execution

Brand Planning And Execution

NAGA house outreach promotion / implementation

2016 China travel city (Beijing part) overall package / display

Tongniu group products packaging and promotion

CLOVEZ (LA) brand overall planning / promotion

Film and television drama integration operation

Operation and Promotion of New Media in TV Drama "Lonely battle"
New Media Operation and Promotion of the TV Drama "laojiumenfanwaipian"
New Media Operation and Promotion of the Movie "shiquanjiumei-zhenaiwushuang"
New Media Operation and Promotion of "xianbanxiaoyuan 2"
New Media Operation and Promotion of the TV Drama"Ten Years of Sunshine"
New Media Operation and Promotion of TV Drama "remember he Xiangu"

Event Planning and Implementation

Night Park Music Festival activities planning and implementation;

2017 "Wanda set sail and go with you"

Event Planning and Implementation

The 4th Annual meeting of China Financial Leasing

2016 Nanchang Wanda City launch ceremony 

Event Planning and Implementation

Hefei Wanda tourism city format press conference, and official website opening ceremony

Core Business-Original IP Development

The company strictly controls the source of the project, conducts the customized processing for some projects, and draws support from the big data analysis to create an IP project for a precise audience. And we will utilize the layout of company industry closed loop to systematically operate projects and maximize the benefits of IP.

"The Beautiful Girl of Jumping Time", Project Overview

Film type: Fantasy, love, light comedy
Role: Mei Maiden, Koryo, Li Meng, Xu Kun, Zheng Jinghao, Xu Lei, Yu Shuyu and Ruan Meng
Project Profile: The film was adapted from the comic strip "The Beautiful Girl of Jumping Time", and now has more than 20 million subscriptions, a total of 40 words.
Synopsis: In an accident, the heroine Mei Maiden discovered that she had the wonderful ability to change the law of time by jumping. During the period of continuous trying, she helped many people around her and her mother. The girl's only girlfriend, Lili, exists like God's beloved, has all the things that girls dream of, appearance, career, perfect boyfriend. It is Li Meng, Lili's boyfriend, who has been in secret love for seven years since the beginning of Girls'College. Girls always think that Lili gets too much, why even Ameng wants to take it away. Girls want to change history and re-recognize Ameng through their wonderful abilities. During this period, after a series of laughing and crying incidents, the girl found that no matter what ability the gear of fate can not be changed. The long-term repressive pain makes the good girl begin to change.

Condense light and shadow memory to make everything on the screen accessible

Shengshi Hong Kong Copyright Trading Center

In conjunction with several units of the Hong Kong Copyright Trading Center, the scope of business mainly covers copyright of TV plays, network copyright of TV plays, foreign-related copyright of TV plays, copyright of TV plays, right of adaptation and production of works, copyright of radio and television programs, copyright of animation, film copyright, copyright of derivatives of TV plays, copyright of new media and other copyright trading services. At the same time, film and television drama companies are carried out in accordance with the law. Industry consultation, market research, information release, project recommendation and investment guidance services. Since the establishment of the Copyright Trading Center, it has actively expanded channels and integrated resources at home and abroad, built a first-class professional information publishing platform, copyright trading platform, financial support platform and professional service platform for film and television production and broadcasting institutions, and established long-term close cooperation with dozens of television stations and more than 30 film and television production institutions. Up to now, the Copyright Trading Center has provided over 100 million yuan of investment and financing support for domestic and foreign film and television enterprises. It has successfully provided copyright trading services for more than 20 TV series projects. More than 70 copyright works of film and television and literature have been entrusted to act as agents, and its market share, popularity and influence in the national film and television industry have increased significantly.

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